All Assam DC Name List : Deputy Commissioners (Updated 2023)

Assam DC Name List: The state of Assam in northeastern India is divided into several districts, each of which is administered by a Deputy Commissioner (DC). The DC is the topmost official in a district and is responsible for the overall administration of the area. The All Assam DC Name List refers to the comprehensive list of all the serving Deputy Commissioners in the state of Assam.

Assam DC Name List

About Deputy Commissioner

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) is the topmost administrative official in a district in India. The DC is responsible for the overall administration of the district and has a wide range of powers and responsibilities. Here are some of the key powers and responsibilities of the DC:

  1. Law and order: The DC is responsible for maintaining law and order in the district. This includes ensuring the safety and security of citizens and taking action against those who violate the law.
  2. Revenue administration: The DC is responsible for revenue administration in the district. This includes collecting revenue, maintaining land records, and issuing various certificates such as income certificates, caste certificates, and domicile certificates.
  3. Disaster management: The DC is responsible for managing natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and cyclones. This includes coordinating rescue and relief operations, providing emergency shelter, and ensuring the distribution of food and other essential supplies.
  4. Elections: The DC is responsible for conducting elections in the district. This includes preparing electoral rolls, appointing polling officers, and ensuring that the election process is free and fair.
  5. Implementation of government schemes: The DC is responsible for implementing various government schemes and programs in the district. This includes ensuring that benefits reach the intended beneficiaries, monitoring progress, and reporting to the government.
  6. Development activities: The DC plays a key role in the development of the district. This includes identifying and prioritizing development needs, preparing development plans, and coordinating the implementation of development projects.
  7. Magisterial powers: The DC has magisterial powers, which means that he or she can exercise judicial powers in certain situations. This includes issuing orders and injunctions, conducting inquiries, and imposing fines.
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Assam DC Name List 2023

The All Assam DC Name List is an important document for citizens, as it allows them to easily find and contact the DC of their district. This is particularly important in times of crisis, such as natural disasters or social unrest, when citizens may need to seek assistance from the government.

As of 2023, there are a total of 35 districts in Assam, each with its own DC. The All Assam DC Name List includes the names of all these officials, along with their contact details and other relevant information. Some of the details provided in the list may include the DC’s office address, phone number, email address, and official website.

The All Assam DC Name List is maintained and updated by the Government of Assam and is available online on various government websites. Citizens can easily access the list by visiting the official website of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office of their district, or by visiting the official website of the Government of Assam.

Name of DistrictDeputy CommissionerContact Numbers
BaksaShri Masanda Magdalin Pertin, IASOffice: 03624-234524
Residence: 03624-221574
BarpetaShri Ayush Garg, IASOffice: 03665-252129
Residence: 03665-252105
BiswanathShri Munindra Nath Ngatey, ACSOffice: 03715-230071
BongaigaonShri Nabadeep Pathak, ACSOffice: 03664-230889
Residence: 0252105
BajaliSmti. Cauvery Barkakati Sharma, ACSOffice: 03666-296999
CacharShri Roshan Kumar Jha, IASOffice: 03842-245056
Residence: 03842-261054
CharaideoShri Paul Barua, ACSOffice: 03772-256567
Residence: 03772-256566
ChirangShri P Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, IASOffice: 03664-241992/295079/256567 Residence: 03664-224282
DarrangShri Pranab Kumar Sarmah, ACSOffice: 03713-222135
Residence: 03713-222138
DhemajiShri Asim Kumar Bhattacharya, ACSOffice: 03753-224208
Mobile: 03753-224203
DhubriSri Dibakar Nath, IASOffice: 03662-230050/230419 Residence: 03662-230030
DibrugarhShri Biswajit Pegu, IASOffice: 0373-2316063
Residence: 0373-2316062
Dima HasaoSmt. Nazreen Ahmed, ACSMobile: 9864047670
Residence: 03673-236221
GoalparaShri Khanindra Choudhury, ACSOffice: 03663-240030
Residence: 03663-240028
GolaghatDr. P Uday Praveen, IASOffice: 03774-280222
Residence: 03774-280221
HailakandiSri Hivare Nisarg Gautam, IASOffice: 03844-222251
Residence:  03844-222204
HojaiSri Simanta Kumar Das, ACSOffice: 03674-284455
Residence: 03674-284047
JorhatShri Ashok Kr. Barman, IAS.Office: 0376-2320020
Residence: 0376-2320025
Kamrup MetropolitanShri Pallav Gopal Jha, IASOffice: 0361-2540149
Residence: 0361-2540104
KamrupSmti Keerthi Jalli, IASOffice: 0361-2684404
Residence: 0361-2604343
Karbi Anglong Shri Dibakar Nath, IASOffice: 03671 272257
KarimganjShri Mridul Yadav,IASOffice: 03843-262345
Residence: 03843-262103
KokrajharSmt. Varnali Deka, IASOffice: 03661-270741
Residence: 03661-270740
LakhimpurShri Sumit Sattawan, IASOffice: 03752-222196
Residence: 03752-222104
MajuliShri Pulak Mahanta, ACSOffice: 03775-274424
Residence: 03775-274425
MorigaonShri Devashish Sharma, IASOffice: 03678-240225
Residence: 03678-240235
NagaonShri Narendra Kumar Shah, IASOffice: 03672-233185
Residence: 03672-233202
NalbariSmt. Gitimoni Phukan, ACSOffice: 03624-220496
Residence: 03624-220218
SivasagarShri Aditya Vikram Yadav, IAS.Office: 03772-222137
Residence: 03772-222138
SonitpurShri Deba Kumar Mishra, ACSOffice: 03712-220011 220005 Residence: 03712-220005
South Salmara MankacharSmti. Pallavi Sarkar, IASOffice: 03662-286624
Residence: 03662-286627
TinsukiaShri Pawar Narsing Sambhaji, IASOffice: 0374-2331572 Residence: 0374-2330576
TamulpurSri Bidiyut Bikash Bhagawati, ACS——
UdalguriDr. Sadnek Singh, IASOffice: 03711-224433
Residence: 03711-224282
West Karbi AnglongSmti. Krishna Baruah, ACSOffice: 03677-230030
Mob: 9394102009


Overall, the All Assam DC Name List is an important resource for citizens, researchers, and policymakers alike. Providing a comprehensive list of all the serving DCs in the state, allows citizens to easily access important information and seek assistance when needed and helps researchers and policymakers better understand the administrative structure of the state.

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